June 6th 2024 : Goodbye Ms Gaughan!

6th Class School Tour No.1-Baldonnel and National Aquatic Centre! June 2024!

Girls Cumann na mBunscol Spring 2024!

Road To The Final!

This year we have been lucky enough to reach the County Final! So far we’ve played Clara, Ferbane and Daingean! We played Clara in our first match and we lost! Then we played Ferbane and hammered them. Our next match was against Daingean, unfortunately we lost by 1 point!

 This meant we were in the playoff against Ferbane.  They were determined but not as much as us and luckily,  we won! 

We played Daingean again and this time we were victorious!! 

So now we’re in the final (as the underdogs) and we are going to go out and give it our best shot!

For some of us,  it’ll be our last time to represent Durrow NS so we’re going to make the most of it!!!

Thanks to our great coaches Frances, Ms Geoghegan and Ms Concannon, who have been so supportive over the years.

By Tilly Clavin (6th)

Check these out: 6th Class Cereal Art 

6th Class Art inspired by Eoin O Connor

We are in the MOOOOOOOd for Summer!!!

Durrow NS Most Enterprising Students 2024!


Well done to both girls, who represented our school at the Offaly Enterprise Awards!


Baking and jewellery making! These girls showed great enthusiasm, creativity and determination with their mini businesses!

Durrow Girls FAI Soccer

 Our Durrow NS girls soccer team has been very successful this year. We reached the Mid-Leinster finals in Laois on the 2nd of May, after winning the county final in Leah Victoria Park. We fought off teams such as Ballinamere, Killeigh, Tubber, Ferbane, St. Cronans and Mucklagh. We were delighted to reach the Mid-Leinster finals and we finished runners up.

 It’s a great achievement for our school as we are the first girls team in the history of Durrow to make it this far. Thanks to all of our supporters who were with us all the way. 

The girls soccer team include : Jessica.B, Rachel.L, Claire.O’B, Aoibheann.M, Tilly.C, Abbie.B, Caoimhe.D and Ciara.M. A huge thanks to our coach, Ms Gaughan who was with us all the way, especially in the times we needed her most. 

By Tilly and Rachel, 6th Class Durrow NS.

Spelling BEE 2024!

Well done Turlough!

Top 5!

All of the Spelling Bee Contestants!

Rewind- Let's take a Look Back:


"My experience of going into 6th class was a small bit worrying at first. That was mainly because it’s my last year of primary school. But when I got used to the class, I ended up liking it. The subjects are a bit harder than 5th class, but I expected that. A lot of us were worried about the Irish essays but we haven’t really done one yet.  Overall, I am really enjoying this year, (my final year in primary school) and it’s not half as bad as I thought it would be."


By Matthew. 

Getting Ready for Secondary School

We are getting ready for secondary school in September. I have been accepted to kilbeggan, along with a lot of people from my class. Pupils will also go to Colaiste Choilm, Sacred Heart and other schools.

Earlier this year, we went to open nights to see what secondary schools had to offer.

We are excited to move to secondary school. We really want

to enjoy our final year in primary school.

                                                         By Finn O’Connor

VEX Robotics 2023/24

VEX IQ 2024

We started VEX in October and so far we have been doing brilliantly. we started by building the field and building the 2 base bots. we then agreed to name them Bart and Homer from the Simpsons. About 3 weeks later, a man called dean from the county council came in to help us and give some pointers. we originally attatched a grabber on Bart, but Dean told us to use a combine harvester style .One weekend, Luke Frankie and Daniel.L brought home the robot and worked on it. we chose our drivers after a lot of practise and 1 minute attempts. the drivers that were chosen were :Daniel Dragunas, Graeme Buggy and Larry Wright.

Now we are trying to build a robot that will pick up the red blocks and we have started  with the coding. the competition is on the 20 of march in sacred heart,Tullmore .we feel that we will be well prepared and furthermore win it!


By Daniel Lynam and Frankie Sheehan.

VEX Drivers

The VEX drivers were chosen by whoever had the highest score and I was one of them with a score of 32. I am on a team with Daniel Dragunas and Larry Wright . The other team has yet to be picked. I’m very happy to be on team 1 and excited for the tournament. It is on in March and I can’t wait to go.

By Graeme!

Getting our Hoodies

When we got our hoodies, we were so excited. They are black and gold. On the back of the hoodies, you’ll see the number 24 in gold. We have all of our names in the 24, I love them! Some of the hoodies have no drawstrings. The Parents Association were kin enough to buy our hoodies for us, we are extremely grateful!


By Caoimhe Devine

Our Confirmation Day!

We made our Confirmation on the 27/01/24. It was an amazing day! All 25 of us made the sacrament of Confirmation in Tullamore Church at 12 o’clock. For people who don’t know, Confirmation is when you can take the pledge against alcohol and drugs, accept the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit and take a Confirmation name (after a saint). 

By Ailbhe McCabe and Anna Loughman.

FAI Soccer

On March 14th, we will be competing in the FAI 5- a side soccer tournament . Four teams have been selected: two boys teams and two girls teams. Each team has eight players. We will be playing many other teams all around Offaly. We are very excited and we hope to move onto the next round. This is our final year in primary school so we are very determined to win!

By Claire & Rachel 26/02/24

Boys Football Final Win 🏆  

Last October, the boys won the Cuman na mBunscol football final by two points. The game was played on October 19th. Everyone was nervous going to O’Connor Park but we were still confident that we would come out victorious. During the group stage, we played Ballinamere and St.Sinnocks. We won by at least 10 points and we progressed to the semi-final. In the semi-final we played Ballinagar. It was a very tight game but we won by 4 points. We played Daingean In the final. At half time we were losing by a point but we had hope. We ended up winning by 2 points. It felt really good to win. 

By Luca and Liam

Jack Wyer Champions!


Last October, the U12 Ballinamere/Durrow boys team were the first Ballinamere/Durrow team to ever win the Jack Wyer tournament. The team consisted of these 6th class boys: Larry Wright (c), Luke Maloney, Cónal Buggy, Liam Deering, Seán McLouglin, Daniel Lynam, Finn O’Connor and Frankie Sheehan. It was such a great feeling to be the first B/D team to win the Jack Wyer tournament. We went off celebrated for the whole night.

By Larry and Luke.


Grandparents Day

It's official: We have the BEST grandparents in Durrow NS! We were delighted to welcome a few grandparents into our classroom today. We asked lots of questions and found out loads about school /home life when they were young! 

It's fair to say the times have really changed! We showed them our two robots, which impressed them. We hope they enjoyed the visit as much as we did!

Reflection: Grandparents Day (Catholic Schools Week)

It was lovely to take the time today to reflect on some fond memories with our grandparents. We remembered some good, fun times, memories to treasure forever. We also took a minute to remember those who are no longer with us!

VEX 2024!

We are delighted to have our VEX After School Club up and running again this year! Ms. Cusack, Ms O Hanlon and Ms Gaughan are helping out this year.  The field is built and the robots are coming along nicely (after being built, taken apart and built again). 

The game is tough but this group are up for the challenge! Great determination and collaboration from everyone involved!

Confirmation 2024

Best of luck to all the pupils in 6th Class, who will celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, 27th January!

God Bless you all, enjoy your special day!

Preparing for Confirmation.docx

 Our class has been very busy preparing for the sacrement of Confirmation.

Here are some thoughts as we approach the special day!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2024 from everyone in Rang a sé!! Enjoy the Christmas Holidays!

6th Class Christmas Markets 2023

On the 20th of December, 6th class held our Christmas markets !

We had worked very hard to make all sorts of different crafts and treats.

We sold lots of yummy treats and spectacular handmade decorations.

After all the adults had left, we moved on to sell to 3rd 4th and 5th.

 We sold nearly everything in our markets and we were very proud!

To make it even better, we made over 2000 euro!

It proved to us that hard work pays off !!! 


By Abbie Breen 

What a scary bunch! Halloween 2023!

County Champions 2023!

HUGE Congrats to BOTH our boys and girls football teams, who won their County Finals! 

What an achievement!! We could not be prouder! Well done to everyone involved!

Durrow gets the Double!

Preparing to support our boys AND girls, who have BOTH reached the Cumann na mBunscol Finals in O Connor Park, Tullamore!!

Best of luck to BOTH teams!!

Tullamore Harriers

Well done to all our athletes, who participated in the Tullamore Harriers. 

Team work all the way!!!! Check out all those happy faces!

Well Done Claire, Jessica, Rachel and Aoibheann!!

Tag Rugby Blitz

We all enjoyed a great day out at the annual Tag Rugby Blitz.  Thanks to John, our coach for organising it and well done to everyone who took part!

Tag Rugby Blitz


Well done Anna for donating your beautiful hair! 

We are all so proud of you in 6th Class!!

Sunny September: Back to School!

6th Class 2023/24: Smile !!!!!

Sixth Class 2022/23

INTO President visits Durrow N.S.

John Driscoll, INTO President visited our school!  What a lovely man! 

Fáilte Isteach!

6th Class welcomed John Driscoll into our classroom today. Lots of interesting questions for him!

Sixth Class enjoy the Open Day in Tullamore College! Where will the future take us?

G.A.A. Coaching

We are very lucky to have Francis Daly as our GAA coach this year! 

Lego Fun! 

Coding, teamwork, collaboration, independence, decision making...and best of all...fun!

5th and 6th Tag Ruby Blitz: Tullamore Rugby Club October '22

Happy Halloween from Rang a Sé!

Trick or Treat!

Hard to believe this is our last Halloween in Primary School! 

Check out all our costumes!

Halloween 2022!

Check out the staff of Durrow NS! Our principal, Mr. Hogan was "acting the clown" a LOT today! Such a fun day!

Maths Superstars!

Well done Alex, Isabelle (both 6th Class) and Anna (5th Class) who were recently awarded with our Maths Superstars Awards at assembly! These pupils worked so hard during Maths Week. 

Well done guys!

Alex (6th)

Isabelle (6th)

Anna (5th)

6th Class enjoy Maths Week 2022!

Boys Cuman na mBunscol Final 2022!

Well done lads!

We could not be prouder of this incredible bunch of guys, who fought like true warriors until the bitter end- What a game! A special mention to the boys in 6th Class, who were part of this incredible panel: Niall, Harry, Jack, JJ, Daniel F, Sam, Daniel C, Ronan, Michael, Andrew.  Always something special about a win like this in your final year! Memories to last forever! Very proud of you all!

County Final Champions 


6th Class Christmas Fair 2022!

Santa visits Durrow NS!

Merry Christmas to everyone from Ms Gaughan and 6th Class!

World Cup Winners

Caoimhe: Runner Up! Team: France

Santa presents Caoimhe with 20 euro!

World Cup Winners!

Caoimhe and Andrew were so lucky to select this years wining teams for the World Cup Final! The class held a lucky dip draw for a bit of fun!

Andrew: World Cup Winner! Team: Argentina

Santa presents Andrew with 50 euro!

5th/6th Class Science Exhibition 2022

The 5th and 6th Class pupils had such fun preparing for this years Science Exhibition!

The pupils worked very hard to ensure it was a success, well done everyone!

Paired Reading : Sixth Class and Junior Infants (The Oldies and the Newbies)

Our oldest and youngest pupils came together to read some Christmas books! Well done to the 6th class puils who read, asked questions, listened patiently and showed great interest in their younger school mates. As they approach their last few months in Primary School, it is lovely and heartwarming so see such natural kindness shown to the younger children in Durrow NS.